130-year Anniversary

Ever since the beginning in 1891 we have been manufacturing high-quality knives in Mora, Sweden, proven to stand the test of time. Fueled by passion and commitment for craftsmanship we take pride in our Swedish heritage and look forward to provide long-lasting products for generations to come.

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Our history.
Through time.

Mora 2000 Anniversary Edition

The traditional knife brand Morakniv was established in Östnor, outside of Mora in 1891. The seed of what would become one of the world’s most popular knife manufactures was sown when Frost-Erik Erson returned to the village after some years of work as a lumberjack in North America.

He shortly after founded a timber sledge factory that also manufactured knives for the workshop’s internal use. At that time, it was important and more or less taken for granted to manage resources and to utilize the remaining material from the production. It would later prove to be a successful business concept.

Ever since, our knowledge has grown and with infinite passion for craftsmanship we have continued to manufacture knives for knife users all over the world. Through the years Morakniv has made several iconic knives – one of which is the Mora 2000.

Mora 2000 (S) Anniversary Edition

The year 2021 marks the 130-year Anniversary of Morakniv. It also marks the 30-year jubilee of the legendary Mora 2000. Introducing the new Mora 2000 (S) Anniversary Edition which will only be produced during 2021.

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Mora 2000 Anniversary Edition

Friction Grip Handle

2.5 mm Thick
Swedish Stainless Steel

Exclusive Black Colour

Scandi Grind
with a Profile Grind Edge

Mora 2000 Held in Hand

MORA 2000 (S)

This characteristic knife, engraved with the years of Morakniv 1891 – 2021 is a true collector’s item. The new Mora 2000 (S) Anniversary Edition is a must for the outdoor enthusiast's next adventure. Made in Sweden, refined from our iconic past.

KJ Eriksson 1954

The history of Mora 2000

The story of Mora 2000 begins back in 1991 when a Norwegian hunter wished for an all-round knife that could work as a multi-functional tool for the upcoming moose hunt. A knife that could perform in a hunter's environment as well as cutting loaf, spreading butter and slicing sausages during the lunch break.


In the early developing stages, the prototype went by the name of Trapper, as it would later be officially named Mora 2000. Not long after the release, it became a popular product in the United States whose knife users unsurprisingly renamed it to Moose Master.

The Swedish Armed Forces have been, and still are, one of our most loyal customers to the original green coloured Mora 2000. Not only because it is a highly-functional and reliable tool, it also matches the Swedish soldiers camouflage and is Swedish made.

Mora 2000 Anniversary Edition

There have been small changes in the design and material of the knife over the years, most of them probably not noticeable, apart from the coloured handles and the blade stamps. The original Mora 2000 is green and since then we have expanded with highly-visible orange, and now a limited black anniversary edition.

What the future holds will be defined by you through time.

Mora 2000 (S) Anniversary Edition

Mora 2000 Anniversary Edition
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